The Electric Mundanity of Mrs. Myrtle Standich

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Church Bake Sale

Mrs. Myrtle Standich attended the church bake sale at Saint Luke's along with Mrs. Edna Munson and Mrs. Gina McDougal. Mrs. Gina McDougal purchased a dozen soft-batch chocolate chip cookies upon entering although she claimed she was on a diet. The aroma was miraculous, the atmosphere heavenly, and the chatter divine. Said Mrs. Gina McDougal, "Everytime I bite into a bake sale cookie it's like I'm eating an angel." Mrs. Myrtle Standich and Mrs. Edna Munson nodded their heads.

Mrs. Edna Munson purchased a cherry pie from Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dolby. Said Mrs. Edna Munson firmly, "Normally I
wouldn't buy pie from a man. I don't know what got into me." Mrs. Myrtle Standich and Mrs. Gina McDougal nodded.

Mrs. Gina McDougal decided upon biting into a cookie that they were unsatisfactory. A debate was started on whether or not it was right to return them, but was quickly stifled when Mrs. Myrtle Standich stated that giving back her bake sale cookies is like, "being an Indian-giver to God". Mrs. Gina McDougal agreed by saying, "Oh well. I'm on a diet anyway," and purchased six maple walnut scones from the late Mrs. Lucy Wynette who, in her will, left all her baked goods to Saint Luke's.

The day ended shortly after Mrs. Myrtle Standich purchased a tomato and spinach quiche.