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Monday, October 08, 2007

Halloween Decor

Saint Luke's Volunteer Committee met last evening to discuss an issue brought up by several parishioners over the past week. The issue, whether or not Saint Luke's should decorate for Halloween, may seem familiar as it was brought up for discussion last year and the also the previous year.

Mrs. Myrtle Standich suggested just decorating with pumpkins and cornstalks to which Mr. Larry Grange immediately asserted that a possible scarecrow wouldn't be a bad idea. All in attendance nodded. Said Mrs. Rachel Todd, "You know what we could do?" Several minutes passed as Mrs. Rachel Todd waited for a verbal response before Mrs. Rachel Todd answered, "If we have a Scarecrow already, we can add a Tinman, a Lion, and maybe a Dorothy from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. We could even have the youth group dress up like the characters. I am sure they would enjoy that. It would be just like the live nativity at Christmas." All in attendance agreed that it would be like the nativity at Christmas. All in attendance also agreed that the live Halloween scene should end earlier on school nights than on the weekends.

A general excitement was felt throughout all in attendance as all present had seen and enjoyed the motion picture, The Wizard of Oz. Mrs. Myrtle Standich even noted that Father David Randolph had smiled before excusing himself early.

Talk was made of a possible way to make a temporary Yellow Brick Road and also if children in the elementary (Between the ages of five and twelve.) could rotate as Munchkin characters from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. The mood could be notated as one of tremendous exuberance for upwards of fifteen minutes. Mr. Larry Grange broke in after this exuberance with the addition that, with it being Halloween, maybe one of the youths in youth ministry could dress up as the Wicked Witch of the West.

With this suggestion, it could be duly noted that the mood changed. Mr. Gary Martin quelled the suggestion of the Wicked Witch of the West by reminding all in attendance that witches were not endorsed by the Catholic church. Mrs. Rachel Todd countered this opinion by adding that neither was the Wizard of Oz or any other wizards. But, all in attendance agreed that it would be nice to decorate in some way and that a new way of decorating would be a welcome addition to Saint Luke's.

Mrs. Myrtle Standich suggested setting up the live Halloween scene in the parking lot away from the front lawn of Saint Luke's. This idea was quickly tabled as fear arose that someone and possibly someone in attendance would not have a parking place for mass.

A decision was made by a majority of those present not to decorate in a new way. But instead, to decorate with pumpkins and cornstalks which could be considered Halloween and not Halloween at the same time, so as not to offend anyone.


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