The Electric Mundanity of Mrs. Myrtle Standich

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Mrs. Myrtle Standich attended, upon invite, a polka event hosted by Mr. Sherman Grotski at Kalesburg Square. This polka event was one of two presented each month by Mr. Sherman Grotski and his organization, Brats And Dance Polka Productions. Said Mr. Sherman Grotski, "We tend to have the dances at the Kalesburg Volunteer Fire Department Hall, but sometimes, like this week, when the weather's nice we like to have it outdoors here in the square. Once we had it in my backyard even. Any way we can do it, we do it." This is certainly reassuring for anyone who likes polka.

Mrs. Myrtle Standich arrived at five o'clock in the afternoon with Mrs. Lisa Ferden, Ms. Allison Tuttle, Mr. Frank Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tubbs, Mr. Walter Collier, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yamin. All in this party arrived promptly at five o'clock excluding Ms. Allison Tuttle who arrived ten minutes past the hour.

The polka music was already playing when the Ms. Allison Tuttle strolled in ten minutes late. This left ten minutes less of dancing and experiencing polka, said Mrs. Lisa Ferden. Most in the party agreed, but few were so verbal about it. Mr. Sherman Grotski's enthusiasm for polka was shared by all in attendance. Many danced in the grass in front of the pavillion where the band played. Mrs. Myrtle Standich felt this to be contagious, though harmelessly so.

Teenagers were even dancing. Mr. Walter Collier challenged, "We can't let those young upstarts show us up. Let us dance!" This challenge was met by Mrs. Lisa Ferden, Mrs. Myrtle Standich, Mr. Frank Collins, Mr. Walter Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tubbs, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yamin. Said Mrs. Lisa Ferden, "Polka could unite us all." Indeed, that was certainly felt by all except Mrs. Allison Tuttle who was offered a dance from none other than Mr. Sherman Grotski, but could not be moved from her wooden folding chair for fear of "grass-staining" her good shoes.

Said Mr. Sherman Grotski, "What's polka without grass stain?" And, though some may have known the answer to such a question, not one spoke. Instead, everyone danced.


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