The Electric Mundanity of Mrs. Myrtle Standich

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chinese Auction

On August seventeenth, The Kalesburg United Methodist Church held their annual Chinese Auction Fund Raiser. In attendance this year were Mrs. Myrtle Standich, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tate, Mrs. Lisa Ferden, Mrs. Edna Munson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yamin, and Mr. Walter Collier*. Mr. Gary Martin had planned to attend but decided just before that he felt it "UnCatholic" to attend a Methodist function, especially without his parish priest, Father David Randolph of Saint Luke's Church. Mr. Walter Collier claimed that all church fund raisers gave their money to God in the end. This was not the way Mr. Gary Martin felt, to say the least.

There was much to be ogled over at The Kalesburg United Methodist Church Chinese Auction Fund Raiser. Some of the many items were a lovely embroidered quilt, a table saw, tickets to the Kalesburg High School Spring Musical, an alarm clock shaped like the Eiffel Tower, Tickets to a Minnesota Twins baseball game, a beautiful pen set, various Kalesburg Dairy Queen coupons, a sewing machine, a Lay Z Boy recliner, and a large color television.

The night was of utmost fun and excitement and winners included Mr. Luther Tate (Lay Z Boy recliner), Mrs. Lisa Ferden (tickets to a Minnesota Twins baseball game), Mrs. Edna Munson (coupon for a free Blizzard at the Kalesburg Dairy Queen), Mrs. Myrtle Standich (table saw).

*Of note: there were certainly many others who attended whose names were unavailable at press time. One estimation quoted the number of attendees to be "somewhere in the high fifties".


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