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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kind Fall Samaritan

As fall continues, the leaves in Kalesburg have once again turned their autumnal shades of orange, brown, and yellow. They have fallen and the lawns have received their pre-winter covering.

This entry comes as a written thank you to the young man who assisted Mrs. Myrtle Standich and various neighbors; including Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Erickson, Mrs. Theda Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yamin, and Mrs. Ida Willaby to name a few; with the raking. This young samaritan appeared on Longview Road with a rake and a willingness to help for only a cost of five dollars even.

Mrs. Theda Barry states, even at the time of press, that he must have been an angel. Mr. Oliver Erickson, however, believes the contrary; that he was and most certainly is currently just a "nice boy". For evidence, he stated that an angel would have worked for free. Though the intention was for humor, Mrs. Myrtle Standich does believe that it was really only said in half-jest form. Mr. Oliver Erickson also stated that no angels are named Ricky, which was the name of the boy. Mr. Ricky Cole is his full name and a reasonable estimation at the time of press would be that Mr. Ricky Cole was between ten and twelve years of age.

Mrs. Myrtle Standich, among others, did offer Mr. Ricky Cole a glass of lemonade during and after Mr. Ricky Cole the lawn. Mr. Ricky Cole was properly schooled by his parents and was unable to accept the offering. Mr. Ricky Cole stated that he did not know Mrs. Myrtle Standich well enough. This same occurence occured to Mrs. Theda Barry, Mrs. Ida Willaby, Mrs. Henry Yamin, and Mrs. Oliver Erickson.

All whose yards were raked are most thankful to Mr. Ricky Cole and would like that to be stated in print. Also commendable is Mr. Ricky Cole's obedience to safety rules about strangers. But, Mrs. Myrtle Standich, Mrs. Theda Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yamin, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Erickson and Mrs. Ida Willaby would like to state in this publication that should Mr. Ricky Cole or future good samaritans of his kind ilk care to do lawnwork, that all stated above are of civil and kind nature. Mr. Ricky Cole, you can rest assured that should lemonade be served by any of the above list, this lemonade is of the purest form and will not have been tampered with in any manner.

Also, here, for the convenience and review of you and your kindly parents is a partial list of others who wish only to offer you the refreshment of non-tampered-with lemonade and/or cookies. All listed can be personally vouched for by Mrs. Myrtle Standich:
(In alphabetical order by last name.)
Mr. Walter Collier
Mr. Frank Collins
Mrs. Gwyneth Dice
Mrs. Marta Doyle
Mrs. Lisa Ferden
Mrs. Iris Fountain
Mr. Sherman Grotski
Mrs. Helen Gruben
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kennedy
Mrs. Jillian Kirby
Mrs. Dorothy Lamour*
Father David Randolph
Mrs. Gloria Rhinehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tubbs
Ms. Allison Tuttle
Mr. Frank Wyland
Mrs. Janet Wyman

*Of no relation to the famous motion picture star of the same name.


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