The Electric Mundanity of Mrs. Myrtle Standich

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today's Forecast- Gray

The sky was gray today-gray and white, but mostly gray. Regardless, eight women (Mrs. Gloria Rhinehouse, Mrs. Helen Gruben, Mrs. Marta Doyle, Mrs. Ida Willaby, Mrs. Jillian Kirby, Mrs. Gwyneth Dice, Mrs. Myrtle Standich, and Ms. Allison Tuttle-still not married) met for tea and talk and blueberry muffins at a luncheon hosted by Mrs. Ida Willaby. The conversation was lively, though not at first. Fifteen minutes drudged by whilst Mrs. Helen Gruben talked of her flower garden circa 1982.

Mrs. Jillian Kirby got the dialogue officially started at 11:52 am. She talked of her grandson, Douglas Kirby Jr., whom we all agreed had grown at least two inches in the past week. Whilst Mrs. Jillian Kirby excused herself to the restroom, we seven agreed that Douglas Kirby Jr. had also gained at least twenty-five pounds in the same amount of time and that it could be scientifically linked to the fact that Douglas Kirby Sr. feeds him McDonald's Big Macs five days a week.

The conversation moved to Ms. Allison Tuttle and how awful it was that she might never find someone to love her. Sad.

We were able to end on a positive note as we all remembered the first tea party we had ever had some fifteen years ago and how awkward and clumsy it had all been. Silly.

When we left the sky was still gray-a little whiter- but still gray. Gray.